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"What I found most helpful about E2E is the user interface and how easy it is to navigate. The threads are easily accessible and provide notifications for me to pick up where I left off much easier. The groupings within a particular subject group helps to refine discussions even further, helping me to get straight to the point. All around a very good website, can’t wait for the app!"

Moses Ola

"I enjoy using E2E as it's very interactive between cohorts and lecturers. We can get answers typically in a day. And you can browse around see if anyone had the same questions as yours and it could be already answered"

Simon Zeng

"I used E2E for my Engineering Design for Wind and Marine Power unit and was keen to do this as a way of responding rapidly to student queries, whilst also allowing them to support one another. In addition, I wanted to be able to post information that students not taking the unit could access. I found E2E's user interface extremely helpful in answering questions because it was easy to categorise posts and where necessary, to attach relevant images or documents. It also avoided me having to answer the same question numerous times in separate individual emails to students. I will definitely be continuing to use it and would thoroughly recommend it to other teaching staff!"

Paul Harper

"As a final year student, a lot of coursework is done independently, and often away from Uni, so having a forum to ask questions and read the Professor’s answers directly was incredibly useful. The forum itself is well designed and simple to use, every time you log in new posts and answers are highlighted so it’s easy to catch important information. Other students can also answer any questions you post, so it feels like people are supporting each other, which is useful when you’re experiencing a common problem. It’s a good way of giving support because all answers are available for the group to see, making the Professor’s assistance fair for everyone and saving them having to write the same email multiple times. I’d like to see more lecturers using the platform in the future!"

Leo Henderson
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