E2E is a platform which aims to build an active and co-operative learning environment for engineers. It will also be the bridge between students and academics. Peer to peer support can help students reinforce their own learning by instructing others. Peers share a similar discourse, allowing for greater understanding. We aim to increase student participation, motivation and engagement through forums to encourage students to give and receive feedback

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Save Time
Save Time

Tired of waiting hours to get a reply to your questions? Receive a response within minutes! This question answer approach helps you find the right answer in less time. Adding to that lecturers will have virtual office hours on the forums to answer any queries you have.


Connect with a wider range of engineering disciplines whether you’re an aerospace, mechanical or electrical engineer. Think of it as the social media for professional learning. Keep a lookout for upcoming webinars from top professionals in the engineering field.


Get access to a community of likeminded individuals. Build your engineering network whilst still at university with academics and other student engineers. Collaborate with lecturers you may have never met without E2E and discuss research areas of your interest that isn’t restrained to your degree.


Subscribe to your forum of interest. Ask questions at a time, place and way that suits your needs in the comfort of your own home. Make learning at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace. Why wait?


Unique place for you to learn, help and receive recognition on your abilities. Earn badges based on your activity and skills. Use this platform to bring your best brain forward. E2E gives you the confidence to excel in your area of expertise and improve in other areas.


Broaden your problem-solving skills. Develop your communication skills. Grow your expertise as an engineer and potentially discover interests in other areas of engineering.

Our Supportive Academics
Dr. Steve Bullock
Dr. Steve Bullock Aerospace Engineering Programme Director
Dr. Mark Schenk
Dr. Mark Schenk Mechanics and Structures Lecturer
Dr. Djamel Rezgui
Dr. Djamel Rezgui Dynamics of Rotors Lecturer
Dr. Lucy Berthoud
Dr. Lucy Berthoud Space Engineering Lecturer
Dr. Yusuf Mahadik
Dr. Yusuf Mahadik Senior Research Associate
Dr. Thomas Rendall
Dr. Thomas Rendall Aerodynamics Senior Lecturer
Dr. Paul Harper
Dr. Paul Harper Engineering Design Programme Director
Our Team
Ilham Said
Ilham Said / FOUNDER

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your creativity, intellectualness and most importantly heart. Being a life-long learner, I am always on the lookout for new ideas and technologies and all these elements brought me to start E2E.  Being an engineer myself I understand the gap in the educational system that I feel this platform could fill. My aim is to bring engineers from across multiple disciplines to one platform where ideas can be shared, discussed and expanded. I hope to craft an organization that is centred on user experience and continuous development.

Dogba Djaze
Dogba Djaze / DATA ANALYST

I am part of E2E because I believe it is an excellent means to solve the significant discrepancy between the number of students and the amount of support available to help them in their learning process. As co-founder of E2E, I act as a Data Analyst. The position consists of maintaining the nature of the platform by processing user’s data to extract meaningful information such as traffic route, user activity, strengths and weaknesses . Afterwards the data will be presented to users and their university accordingly.

Samuel Hervas
Samuel Hervas / Digital Marketing Manager

Students are in need of a tool that allows them to connect in a fast and effective way with academics and industry. E2E has come to solve this problem. My mission in E2E will be to help expand its vision and service across the UK, as well as creating a solid online presence to rely on. I will actively achieve this by creating engaging content, designing effective marketing campaigns and helping as much as I can in its further development as a start-up.

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Our supportive Contributors
Testimonials from our

"What I found most helpful about E2E is the user interface and how easy it is to navigate. The threads are easily accessible and provide notifications for me to pick up where I left off much easier. The groupings within a particular subject group helps to refine discussions even further, helping me to get straight to the point. All around a very good website, can’t wait for the app!"

Moses Ola

"I enjoy using E2E as it's very interactive between cohorts and lecturers. We can get answers typically in a day. And you can browse around see if anyone had the same questions as yours and it could be already answered"

Simon Zeng

"I used E2E for my Engineering Design for Wind and Marine Power unit and was keen to do this as a way of responding rapidly to student queries, whilst also allowing them to support one another. In addition, I wanted to be able to post information that students not taking the unit could access. I found E2E's user interface extremely helpful in answering questions because it was easy to categorise posts and where necessary, to attach relevant images or documents. It also avoided me having to answer the same question numerous times in separate individual emails to students. I will definitely be continuing to use it and would thoroughly recommend it to other teaching staff!"

Paul Harper

"As a final year student, a lot of coursework is done independently, and often away from Uni, so having a forum to ask questions and read the Professor’s answers directly was incredibly useful. The forum itself is well designed and simple to use, every time you log in new posts and answers are highlighted so it’s easy to catch important information. Other students can also answer any questions you post, so it feels like people are supporting each other, which is useful when you’re experiencing a common problem. It’s a good way of giving support because all answers are available for the group to see, making the Professor’s assistance fair for everyone and saving them having to write the same email multiple times. I’d like to see more lecturers using the platform in the future!"

Leo Henderson
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